Victoria Day weekend, or whatever


This weekend, I spent most of my time pondering what I want to do with my life. I also spent a good 12 hours figuring out whether or not I want to watch a 20 minute display of fireworks in celebration of ‘Victoria Day’, which is a ‘holiday’ in ‘Canada’.

After mojitos, French wine, sunbathing, composing a page of my book, thinking about making vegan cupcakes, not making vegan cupcakes and googling ‘fireworks’, I decided to watch the fireworks.

After all was said and done, I had an epiphany; I am taking a hiatus from working/looking for work/thinking about looking for work for at least 2 weeks to devote time to my up and coming memoir. I’m also going to take time to dedicate myself to drinking wine and working on my tan.

Also, as a gift to you guys, I will be releasing a sample chapter of my book here at at some point to get you SO excited for my book. You’re welcome.

Hope you had a fab Victoria day weekend.




I’m back.


6 months ago, I died.

I started working in a field I had abandoned long ago, forgetting who I was, what I was, which country I was in.

Now, I’m back. There is only one thing in the world I’m supposed to be doing, and that is writing. And wearing Gucci. And travelling. And sunbathing. And going to parties.

I’m never giving up my dream again. Life is too short to work in the healthcare industry.

It’s sunny and I’m going to have a mojito. I’ll leave you with this profound song about a crazy, slutty girl following her dreams. I hope it inspires you.

Happy May 2-4!