Pictures of Cute Animals

It’s Thursday and I’m bored. To cure my boredom I spent approximately 10 minutes gathering together pictures of super cute animals doing equally cute things to post on my blog site. It was a fun ten minutes, but now I’m back to wanting to throw myself out a window. Whatever. Pictures.

Burrito cat is really adorbs.

Porcupines are actually cute? Why didn’t I know this before. Wait, this is actually a hedgehog.

Valentino loves pugs. I trust him.

Ducklings swimming around in a sink? Soooooo cute.

Snowy cat.

Happy Thursday.



The Watermelon Diet.

Hey guys.

This diet is super easy. It keeps you hydrated during the summer and soooo skinny at the same time.

What you will need:

  • whole watermelon
  • vodka


Get your maid or house-keeper or mom or whoever to cut the watermelon because knives are dangerous, especially when you’ve taken a lot of Xanax. While they’re doing this, pour yourself a glass of vodka. Drink the vodka.

Finally, once it’s been cut up, eat one piece of watermelon every 2-4 hours. It’s genius.

You’re welcome.