Inappropriate Fashion Advertisements

There is always so much controversy about how people should be permitted to advertise their shit. However, most of the time if you have the finances to pay for prime advertising space, no one really cares how sick your ads are until some annoying person starts bitching about how it’s negatively affecting their children’s psychological development and blah blah blah.

That being said, while those irritating complain-ey women (they’re ALWAYS fucking women) should just shut up and watch the Y & R, there are actually some pretty disturbing ads out there that are traumatizing children/men/women/dogs alike. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

The D & G Classic Gang Rape Scene

Sisley Italy’s Coke-Whore Party Ad

This and Every Other American Apparel Ad

Tom Ford

Yeah. All in all, our ¬†society loves to exploit human life by using slutty-ness, drugs and violence to capture the attention of the bored-as-shit public. It’s sick, yet enchanting at the same time. Even though some of these ads are disturbing, they’re all really representing some form of art, one way or another. Art and advertising have been known to reflect human behaviour and desires, whether we want to admit that or not. I say, if you don’t like it, just IGNORE it and don’t let your 5 year old look at your French Vogue unless they’re mature enough to handle seeing someone’s vagina. Otherwise, enjoy the raciness and go pick up Tom Ford’s new scent. Life is about choices, not censorship. All of that type of shit is still going to exist in the end regardless of what we choose to put in magazines. Face it.



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