Inappropriate Fashion Advertisements

There is always so much controversy about how people should be permitted to advertise their shit. However, most of the time if you have the finances to pay for prime advertising space, no one really cares how sick your ads are until some annoying person starts bitching about how it’s negatively affecting their children’s psychological development and blah blah blah.

That being said, while those irritating complain-ey women (they’re ALWAYS fucking women) should just shut up and watch the Y & R, there are actually some pretty disturbing ads out there that are traumatizing children/men/women/dogs alike. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

The D & G Classic Gang Rape Scene

Sisley Italy’s Coke-Whore Party Ad

This and Every Other American Apparel Ad

Tom Ford

Yeah. All in all, our  society loves to exploit human life by using slutty-ness, drugs and violence to capture the attention of the bored-as-shit public. It’s sick, yet enchanting at the same time. Even though some of these ads are disturbing, they’re all really representing some form of art, one way or another. Art and advertising have been known to reflect human behaviour and desires, whether we want to admit that or not. I say, if you don’t like it, just IGNORE it and don’t let your 5 year old look at your French Vogue unless they’re mature enough to handle seeing someone’s vagina. Otherwise, enjoy the raciness and go pick up Tom Ford’s new scent. Life is about choices, not censorship. All of that type of shit is still going to exist in the end regardless of what we choose to put in magazines. Face it.


I really wanted to see the new Batman movie, but I’ve changed my mind.

If you aren’t as horrified as I am at the recent Batman movie massacre that took place in Colorado, then you’re probably fucked up. This never should’ve happened. I understand that the alleged shooter/med-school dropout (James Holmes) is obv clinically insane, but putting on full body armour and a fucking gas mask just like the villain in the new movie is…no. Just no. Kind of crossing the line between murderous insanity and total crazy town.

My heart goes out to the victims of this tragic attempt to bring the Batman movie to life for whatever ridiculous reason, and I would also like to mentally send a thousand piranhas to James Holmes to rip the flesh off his body and chew through his bones.

Conclusively, I think this incident screams one thing to me: we need a real Batman.

If you’re going to dress up as a character from the Batman movie, maybe try dressing up as someone who doesn’t kill innocent people, like this guy did in Toronto:

Also, if you have a serious mental illness or know someone who does, get your shit together.

Toronto Distress Line:

416-408-HELP (4357)


Technology is fucked up

Technology has been separating us from ourselves since long before Donatella Versace had her first face lift. Instead of communicating face to face, person to person, etc. we are now constantly communicating from whatever device to whatever device and it is totally fucking up the way people perceive the world and treat others. I’m having a really spiritual moment right now.

But seriously. A few weeks ago, I woke up one morning and was like ‘you know what? Fuck Facebook.’ So I deactivated my account. And the number of people who were legit upset about my decision to remove myself from the Facebook community made me wonder why someone can’t/wouldn’t be able to live an amazing life without a Facebook profile. Isn’t your FB profile supposed to be a reflection of your actual life?

Look, I get that social networking is a beautiful thing, but you know what’s not? Having a bunch of disgusting cyber-stalkers and people from your high school that you used to hate looking at your beach/drunk photos. Yeah yeah, I know you can block people and limit who can see shit on your profile and whatevs. But the fact that you have to watch your Facebook ass as well as your REAL ass in life just seems like way too much effort for me.

I also realize that I’m communicating to all of you using another form of technology called the ‘internet’, which I’m not totally opposed to but is still contributing to people becoming lazy, self-obsessed and generally dumber. We need to use technology wisely and not abuse it, meaning we need to take very long breaks from it and actually participate in our own lives. Like, for instance, it’s a nice day out. We should all be closing up our laptops, leaving the office and going outside to smoke a joint with our friends. Or talking and laughing or whatever.  Just saying.

So, if you really don’t care about Facebook and aren’t emotionally attached to it/brainwashed, delete it. Then, I will personally invite all of the people who have deleted Facebook over to my place for a super-chic, exclusive no-meat BBQ/cocktail party and we can laugh about how real life is SO much better than looking at people’s Photo-shopped pics of them ‘having fun’ in ‘cool places’ on Facebook.

But if I ever create a new FB profile, don’t forget to add me as a friend! Yay


Italy did NOT get their shit together.

I knew this would happen. Once again, the choke artists in blue (otherwise known as the Italian soccer team) have disappointed every single Azzurri fan in the world. AGAIN. Like, they actually won a few games this year too which I was really shocked about. They usually tie it up during the first one or two matches and then lose miserably before they ever make it into the finals. They were doing so well for so long. Uggh.

Anyway, there is no reason why we can’t all enjoy the rest of our summers and move past that awful game on Sunday afternoon. However, I do want to publicly apologize to Balotelli on behalf of the rest of the team for sucking, because he looked super pissed after Torres scored his first goal, when he obviously realized that it was over for them. I still firmly believe that B should’ve started a small riot on the field, but he was clearly sad and wondering whether or not he’d be able to spend the remaining summer months on Jay-Z’s yacht or whatever. I hope he finds something to keep himself busy aside from killing people with death stares.

I’ll re-visit this subject in two years, when I care again. For now I’m going back to ignoring soccer.