Italy might actually be getting their shit together

So if anyone was sober enough to watch the entire Italy vs. whoever game yesterday, they would know that Italy won the game 4-2. This means that people are going to be wearing a lot of blue, drinking a lot and screaming obscenities for the next God-knows how long.

People lose their shit when Italy wins and while I realize that Italy is awesome, I started to wonder what it is that people love about the Italian team. I went out into the field and interviewed some people (just kidding, I texted people this question and then they texted me back) and this is what they had to say:

L: So why do you think Italy is such a great team? How do you feel about Italy winning the game yesterday?

Franc: (No answer)

Anat: Well, to be honest I didn’t watch the game. But I’m happy so many Italians are happy.

Sara: Cause they’re sexy.

Amanda: Yeah I didn’t watch it.

Elisa: I think it’s sex.

And so, it all makes sense now and I totally understand why Italy is the favourite. Stay tuned-the Italy vs. Germany game is on June 28th!


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