Wishing myself a very sparkly birthday

You know what? This year has been bullshit. Like, I lived in Italy, wrote a book, blah blah blah. But THIS year (my 28th) is going to be one of my best years yet. Why? I’ll explain.

In order to get what I mean, you need to understand what I am looking for out of life. I plan to accomplish as much as possible during this awesome, super sparkly year. So the following are my life goals/birthday wishes in no particular order:

1) Get married or engaged or whatever.

2) Find an amazing job.

3) Finish my second book.

4) Something to do with unicorns.

5) Try bath salts (just kidding I would NEVER. DO. BATH SALTS. EVER.)

6) Design my own exclusive line of dresses/Blackberry cases/iPhone cases/clutches/pillows/cat outfits.

7) Spread happiness throughout the world.

8) Develop a sense of where I am, what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

The last one is super important, because I lose track of everything all the time. But what I’ve realized is that no matter where you are or what you’re doing or where those cats came from or how you ended up in some person’s bathtub…I forgot where I was going with this. Just enjoy your fucking life, you only have one. I know I will. Just don’t enjoy it by eating a lot of sugar. Or any sugar for that matter.


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