Clutches I want to have sex with.

Like handbags, clutches are awesome because you can put your shit in them. This season’s clutches come in exciting colours, fabrics and prints with fab embellishments. Aaaaand here they are:

Alexander McQueen unicorn skull flower knucklebox

This clutch has everything; unicorns, flowers, colours, brass knuckles, skulls. It’s a purse/box/art/weapon in one, which makes it amazing. It’s also like 2000 Euros. What a steal!

Zilla laminated cotton clutch

I love this. It’s shiny and neon. Everyone knows I love shiny neon shit.

Olympia Le-Tan book purse

This book-purse-thing is amaze. I love the romantic floral interior and the colour scheme. I also love that it totally doesn’t look like a bag. Confusing, but chic.

Stark by Petra Ecclestone suede and crystal date night box clutch

Again, neon and shiny. The fact that it’s also LEOPARD makes this combination 1000 times hotter.

Anyway, bye.

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