People who have shows but shouldn’t.

Dear fellow haters,

As you all know, television keeps getting worse and worse. I’ve carefully selected a few people that shouldn’t have their own shows/shouldn’t be allowed in public but do/are:

These people.

Picture 8 idiots doing things and going places and talking and yelling. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve totally watched this show before and kind of laughed at it but it’s horrible and these people should not be famous. Also, all of their nicknames are stupid and inaccurate.

A bunch of stupid teenagers.

There is nothing good or right about this show. Nothing. My question is, how the FUCK were they able to find that many pregnant 16 year olds to be ON this show in the first place? This further enforces my theory that the world is falling apart.

Snooki & JWow


A talking car.

What?? Why. This show is super old (it’s from the 60’s) and doesn’t really air anymore, but basically this guy’s mother was reincarnated as a car. Cute idea, but so weird. Imagine your A6 is your mom and you have sex with your girlfriend in it all the time. Like, no. Still not the worst one though.

My point is, basically we should be coming up with better/cooler/less offensive shows. Or taking more naps. One or the other. My brain needs a fucking rest after catching a glimpse of the Jersey Shore for 5 seconds while I’m channel surfing, let alone after one excruciating episode. Eew.


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