Where have I been and what have I been doing


I’ve been kind of missing for some time now, mostly because I was on a plane for ten hours, got kind of drunk two nights in a row and then went to a dinner party at my aunt’s. It’s been stressful.

But amidst all of the confusion, I’ve finally started to write a second book. It’s nothing like Crafted with Soul, the book that Brianna, Maria and I wrote on modern artisanal fashion/cuisine in Italy. That one is set to be released in August 2012, but it really depends on how long the editor and graphic designer take to perfect/fix it.

My personal project is a compilation of things I like/have done/want to do/are ashamed of/still can’t believe happened to me. I’m excited about having something to do and being able to have an opportunity to share my wisdom and other crap with people. If I can make only one person a little happier with my writing or even fuel one fire with the actual book, I will feel like I have accomplished something wonderful. Success isn’t about making money to me or being famous or having a lot of shit. It’s about being as sparkly as possible and being HAPPY, while radiating positive energy and making other people happy too. It’s also about having nice hair and wearing couture and owning a lot of shoes. And animals. And being tanned.

I will post a few excerpts from the manuscript in a few months, so watch my blog for them! Or don’t, I’m really just writing this book to entertain myself and occupy my time. But if you want to, then do it. I’m sure it will be worth reading at least once. Or probably skimming through.


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