As funny as it can be to watch other people’s struggles, some problems are really serious and need to be resolved before they end your life. Part of the issue with this kind of situation is that some people just can’t tell/don’t care/won’t accept that anything is wrong with them, and continue to, for instance, finish a bottle of vodka every 24 hours, smoke 100 cigarettes a day or only eat a piece of lettuce and have a can of Diet Coke once a week. Not okay. So to help others take notice of their issues and see things more clearly, here is a list of ten things that might be a sign that you’re fucked up and could benefit from checking into a rehab facility:

1) If you open your fridge in search of food and all you find is a bottle of organic ketchup, wine, champagne and a 40 of vodka.

2) If you no longer have heat, electricity, or shoes but you have an endless supply of cocaine.

3) If you can’t recall the last time you did something fun when you were sober.

4) If each time you go out you find your nights lasting until 2 pm the next day.

5) If you begin to hallucinate regularly.

6) When your drug addiction develops a drug addiction.

7) If you start to lie a lot. (Aka lying just for fun)

8) If everyone you know tells you that you should go to rehab.

9) If the police tell you that you need to go to rehab.

10) If you almost die of alcohol or drug related causes, starvation, depression or exhaustion.

Remember though, addiction is serious. If you have a problem, seriously try to get some help and if you know someone who is losing their shit, HELP THEM.

Please keep those people who have died of any type of addiction/depression in your hearts.

This post is dedicated to the late Tiffany Reid, 1988-2010. Miss you forever<3

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