Things that annoy me

I don’t really know what to write about today, so I thought I would make a list of some things that annoy me.

1) No one in Italy takes Visa.

This is not entirely true. There are people who do accept credit cards here, however they are SO fucking rude about it. They’re like ‘sorry you have to spend at least 30 Euros to be able to pay with a credit card’ or ‘our machine isn’t working today’ (which of course it fully is). At home I could saunter into Starbucks and put a $3 sugar free soy latte on my Visa like it was no big deal. Here that shit just doesn’t fly. Italians are obsessed with cash for some reason. Maybe because they evade the shit out of paying taxes. Whatever.

2) Rain.

It kills me when my alarm goes off in the morning as it is, since I haven’t been able to sleep much lately. But when I drag myself out of bed and it’s also RAINING, I get really irritated. Like, having to get out of bed is already a nuisance but then having to find a cute water-retardent outfit is another huge problem. Rain also makes me depressed, and I usually end up staying in, watching Gossip Girl on DVD and crying. It’s horrible.

3) Waking up not knowing where I am.

This is something that happens to me way too often. Actually once I woke up at 6 am, sent Sara a text that said ‘where the fuck am I’ and she responded ‘I’m pretty sure you’re at home’, which I indeed was. I had slept in the guest bed and failed to recognize my own apartment. I was just really confused. I’m confused a lot.

4) Mosquitos.

I dedicated an entire post to this that you can read here: evil-mutant-italian-african-whatever-mosquitos

But they’re the worst and I hate them.

5) Anxiety.

My anxiety makes me anxious. It’s a vicious cycle and it really fucks up my inner balance. I actually find myself getting anxious because I’m anxious sometimes. I think I need to meditate more. Italian therapists don’t really exist. There’s way too much wine here for that.

And that’s it. If you’re going to church today, pray for my soul please. Because I’m sure as hell not going.

Happy Sunday


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