When it rains, God is punishing me

Anytime it rains here, I refuse to do my hair, go out or move unless it’s absolutely necessary. Rain makes everything slightly more depressing. I can’t believe that some people actually get excited when it rains. I mean, yay for them, I’m glad that you’re really excited to wear your pink Fendi rain boots or whatever but you’re still probably going to have frizzy, wet-looking hair, even if you use an umbrella. The rain doesn’t usually come down softly and drip gently off my umbrella when I go outside during a storm; instead, it usually pelts me in the face at 100 miles/hr on an angle and drenches my hair, clothes and sometimes even the contents of my purse. It’s bullshit.

Like for instance, right now I really want a Diet Coke but it’s been raining for the past hour and I will NOT leave until it stops. I just won’t. I can’t.

But if you HAVE to leave the house while its raining, here are a few things you should probably have:

A limo:

Walking anywhere in the rain is totally unnecessary. If you take a limo, you can also drink on the way to wherever you’re going. Everyone wins.

Valentino rain boots:

These are such chic, sophisticated rain boots as opposed to many of the others, which can look childish or too outdoorsy. Eew.

Alexander McQueen skull umbrella:

This is the most frightening and awesome umbrella I’ve ever seen. In fact, it scares the shit out of me. I want it.

GHD mini hair kit

If your hair gets a drop of water on it, you will need to fix it right away before it starts to look bad and smell weird. A mini hair kit with a straightener and blow dryer is so perf for taking with you on the shittiest of days.

However awesome all of these things are, nothing can really protect you from the crippling depression that a rainy day brings with it. My advice is to just to take a nap until it’s sunny again.


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