What is the significance of April 30th in Italy and why does it involve drinking until like 8 am

It just so happens that Naomi’s birthday party falls on April 30th, the day where bars and clubs are open until like 8 am in Italy to celebrate some holiday. The following day (May 1st) is International Workers’ Day, which everyone conveniently has off, so I have a feeling that shit is going to go DOWN.

When she sent out the invite, I nearly peed myself with excitement. There is a holiday in Italy where everything is open ALL NIGHT???! HOW DID I NOT ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THIS

I needed to know what this holiday was and how it could be real, so I did some research.

Notte Bianca (otherwise known as ‘White Night’)

Apparently, on this night the entire city stays up late hosting special (drinking?) events. There are two weird bicycle events that take place downtown, which I skipped over reading about. I don’t do bicycles. Basically there is a giant street party; every store, restaurant, bar, sketchy phone place, cafe and tabacchi stays open all night; there is music blasting in all of the piazzas; people get shitfaced. This is my favourite kind of event. So. Excited.


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