Why is everything so boring

Lately, I have been really bored with my life. Getting pants-shitting drunk, trying to walk around Florence in 5-inch heels and passing out in some random spot in my apartment just hasn’t been cutting it. I’m not saying that I’m tired of drinking or anything and shame on you if you thought that. I’m just tired of drinking in Florence. I’m also sick right now. Fuck.

So I’ve been forced to come up with other things to do while I’m bored, since you just can’t be drunk all day every day.

Some of the things I enjoy doing in Florence when I’m bored are:

Going to Brac cafe

This is an amaze balls cafe by Santa Croce that has a separate vegan menu and probably the best soy cappuccinos I’ve ever had. It also has a middle section that’s inside but it’s actually outside but it’s still kind of inside. It feels like you’re sitting in someone’s really cute little backyard. Really chic and cozy. It makes me want to put on a pair of oversized hipster reading glasses and write poetry, or have an intense discussion about the arts.

Online Shopping

This has to stop. It is addictive and I’m fucking out of control. I go on websites and basically plan what I’m going to buy, by visiting every single authoritative high-fashion site that matters (luisaviaroma.com, polyvore.com, net-a-porter.com, 10corsocomo.com, yoox.com, whatever) and *heart* items or make a list in my Blackberry of what to buy this season/day/manic episode. I usually end up with a list of like 5 or 6 things that collectively cost over $10,000 and begin to re-evaluate what I’m doing with my life. Then I pick one thing and I buy it.

Getting a Smoothie

Smoothies are perf meal substitutes and are equally amazing when you’re sick. It’s fun to make them yourself, but if you’re lazy, ill, hungover or just don’t feel like doing anything it’s so much easier to go to the nearest organic vegan smoothie place and just get them to make you one. I also don’t have a blender at my apartment in Florence, which sucks. And I’m not about to go out and get one. There is a sweet place called Love Life in Florence that makes super good smoothies and it’s a convenient 2 minute walk from where I live. Banana/strawberry/avocado/almond milk is my fav!

Stealing Sara’s iPad and Playing Fruit Ninja

This massively popular fruit-slicing game is one of the BEST ones I’ve ever encountered. Yesterday, I laid in (Sara’s) bed and played Fruit Ninja for about 3 hours straight. I was also extraordinarily quiet the entire time which is weird for me, so it was somewhat peaceful and relaxing to just sit next to Sara and not really say anything for a couple of hours except the odd ‘OMG A DRAGON FRUIT!! or ‘MOTHERFUCKER!!!’ This experience also made me realize that I’m getting an iPad. I also want a smoothie.

The colossally disappointing part of all of this is that I am now getting bored with all of these things too. I need to find something new before I lose my shit.


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