Fun Summer Activities

During the summer, I like to participate in a lot of fun activities.

Sunbathing with a shit ton of fashion magazines.

There is nothing more relaxing or complementary to a summer look than tanning while flipping through Life & Style, Vogue, Harper’s or whatever magazines you love. Total bliss.

Covering shit with Swarovski crystals

The more obsolete or ridiculous the item, the better.

Some examples:


This obviously isn’t just a summer activity, but one that I participate in on a regular (daily…hourly?) basis. But during the summer, I tend to be more creative with my beverage flavours and colours. It is MUCH more fun to drink a vegan organic pina colada or a sugar-free lychee martini. Yay.




Taking naps with my dog is a really fun activity that requires little to no movement/energy. He’s so fluffy and cuddly, and being out in the sun makes you tired so this activity usually combines two things I love-spending time with my dog and sleeping.

Soooo excited for summer!



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