Summer Fashion Staples

So yeah, it’s summer again. Kind of. It’s rained every day in Florence this week and it’s supposed to rain EVERY DAY from now until Monday. (How is this weather even real)

But when the sun actually comes out again, it will finally be time for summer looks! And in order to put together the perfect summer looks, you should probably acquire these summer staples (my FAVS). I can’t live without these items during the summer months.

1) Citizens of Humanity jean cut-offs (I fucking LIVE in these. I wore them 4 days in a row once.)

2) The perfect comfortable, slouchy white Acne tee in a soft jersey fabric.

3) Bright OPI nail-polish in uplifting, summery SHREK colors.

4) Gin. Fun summer activity: If you have time to waste, cover your gin bottles with Swarovski crystals. (More on summer activities later)

5) Simple cute white Keds sneakers. Mine are dirty as fuck and I only bought them like 3 weeks ago, but I plan to wear them into the ground and probably get another pair because I LOVE them. They literally go with everything, from a peach tulle tutu skirt to a pair of destroyed cuffed skinny jeans to a basic pair of black leggings. EVERYTHING.

6) A hot Victoria’s Secret contrast-color strapless bikini that you mix n’ match yourself, paired with subtle body jewelry. SO simple and sultry. Sidenote-don’t overdo it with the beach jewelry though or you’ll look like a whore. (P.S. You don’t want to look like a whore)

There are so many reasons why summer is awesome; the gorgeous weather, the freedom to wear more exciting/revealing clothing…and my favourite part, only eating half a salad and having a sip of Diet Coke twice a day and getting wasted really fast when you’re partying in the sun all weekend…so much fun!! But it’s mostly about summer fashion. And fruity sugar-free cocktails.



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