Easter Weekend Special.

This is super late, thanks to Naomi who thought that it would be a great to idea to start drinking at 6 pm on Good Friday. Thanks Naomi, I got nothing done all weekend.

Any who, this season the color palettes consist of romantic pastels and vibrant neons. Pairing clashing brights such as electric tangerine and bright peacock-feather blue has also become a big trend, as seen on the runway at the spring/summer 2012 Thakoon show. It’s super exciting to be able to mix and match all of these intense colors to create bold summer looks. In the spirit of Easter, I have devised a list of must-haves to incorporate Spring’s newest and most fab hues into your s/s 2012 wardrobe.


1) Emilio Cavallini printed neon tights

(Emilio Cavallini)

2) A colorful statement tee

(My Style Florence, Italy)

3) Pair of pastel pointy-toed stiletto pumps.

(Louis Vuitton)

4) Although I don’t condone being a hippie, armfuls of hippie-style friendship (or not) bracelets in attention-grabbing hues are a cute and more subtle way to wear this color trend.

(Ettika wrap bracelet)

5) Oh-so-chic lazer-cut leather neon clutch.

 (Christopher Kane)

And so, that’s the list. Remember…don’t be afraid to pair brights with brights this spring/summer. Also, don’t be afraid to accessorize your brightly colored outfits with strobe lights, a few hits of ecstasy and a bottle of vodka. Just kidding.

Buona Pasqua a tutti!


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