Sex Photography.

Yesterday, I had an artistic revelation in photography class.

Simone, our professor, asked everyone to choose 7 photographs that best represent themselves and how they view the world. Naturally, I just chose a bunch of random fucking pictures that I really liked and had taken over the course of the past year. When it was my turn, I showed them to the class. We then had the following conversation:

Me: So..these are my pictures.

(Everyone is silent)

Simone: (After staring at me for 5 minutes) What do you see in all of these photos?

(Everyone is silent again)

Simone: It’s SEX. SEX! (Slams the desk in front of him)

I hadn’t realized it until then, but there IS a subconscious (or not) theme that ties all of my photos together; sexuality and “rawness”. I like  raw images because they are uncut, shocking and hauntingly beautiful. I always believed I was focusing on fashion (the crazy, the mysterious and the intriguing) but I can now see that I have been drawn to both fashion and dark sexuality in photography and in life. I don’t really consider myself a photographer and probably never will. I generally just take pictures for myself to have and also because it’s fun. It’s something to do when you’re drunk at a bar, or drunk in the middle of the street, or on ecstasy at a rave. You get it.

But this week, my personal photography assignment is not to go and drunkenly take photos as per usual, but instead to take 5 photos a day for 7 days to portray what my life is like and who I am.

So, I thought it would be pretty interesting to post my final 35 images up on this blog in order to explore the depths of my soul, or whatevs. So…35 pics to follow, next week.

Below, are some of the images I showed in class that day.

A domani!


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