The Importance of Sunglasses.

“I don’t have any sunglasses. This is fucked up.”-Me, 2 days ago

Since I generally tend to look pretty fucked up during the day, sunglasses are a must for me. They need to be tinted dark to protect your eyes from sun damage, and huge to prevent other people from seeing you. Sunglasses cover your shit. I don’t/can’t leave the house without them during the day, and wear them up until at least 8 or 9 pm. Sometimes I’ll wear them through an entire class. It fully depends on how tired/hungover/drunk/pale/sick I look (am).

It is also important to own at least 20 pairs of sunglasses, so that when you lose one or 5 you will still always have another pair stashed somewhere.

Fashion-wise, they are also a crucial accessory to any outfit. You can alter the mood of a look by simply pairing a particular sunglass with your other accessories. Heart-shaped powder pink sunglasses can create a fun, young, cute look while an over-sized white trimmed pair of aviators can create a more bold, crisp, fashion-forward look. Gradient, slightly-squared tortoise acetate frames can make for a more casual, chic and relaxed look.¬†Sunglasses with spikes and crystals can compliment an I’m-a-psycho-make-people-shit-in-their-pants look.

These are my favourite pairs of sunglasses right now:

A-Morir Black Shield with Crystals

10 Corso Como Heart-Shaped


Tom Ford Whitney

Marc Jacobs

Hope your day is super sunny!


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