Generally, people think unicorns are stupid. And they might be. They ARE mythical creatures, like gryphons, loraxes and sorority girls who don’t drink.

But I LOVE them. They’re magical, pretty and majestic. If they existed, I’d want to own one. I think the reason I love them so much is because they remind me of my childhood, when fairytales and shit made sense. As a child you could talk to yourself and pretend unicorns, fairies and other weird things existed without people thinking you were a lunatic. Now, as soon as you mention the word unicorn everyone around you is ready to institutionalize you. You know, there are some people who still have faith in a democratic governmental system (which we all know is a fucking joke) but no one is putting those people away. Why should I have to abandon my love for and belief in unicorns? Unicorns don’t make you pay additional GST and PST. They don’t have a utilitarian view of society, in which the majority of idiots in the world benefit and the small percentage of smart people become drug addicts and develop gambling problems because who the fuck wants to live in such a corrupt world as a sober, sane person. I don’t.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures of unicorns. Also, if you find yourself with a ton of time to waste, or you just don’t feel like doing anything while you’re at work, you can go on this website: ¬†cornify.com

Basically, every time you click on the page a new sparkly unicorn appears until the whole page is full of happy, sparkly pictures. It really puts you in a good mood but if anyone catches you doing it, they’ll think you’re a fucking idiot.

Charlie the unicorn is my fav. He’s an asshole.

I want this to be my birthday cake.

Just thought I’d throw this in.

Have a sparkly day!


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