Creatures of Crap

Creatures of CRAP

So basically, I hate the new Spring/Summer 2012 collection by Creatures of the Wind. Who thought that these pairings were a good idea? The tacky prints, mismatched granny skirts and shapeless tops will frighten children and adults alike. One of the things that scares me most is the knee socks paired with one-inch-heeled strappy sandals. The ankle socks may even be worse. Who knows. I not only despise heels that are less than 5 inches high, but I also really dislike putting socks and sandals together with an outfit. You are not at home in your kitchen cooking dinner or hanging out in your living room-sandals are not slippers! And I would hope that if you’re going to wear shoes with socks around your house, that you make the right decision and wear a cute pair of RUNNING SHOES, moccasins, or even fluffy slippers instead of some hideous old-lady sandals. The designer failed epically to produce a riveting line of clothing this season. I get that Spring tends to bring with it many variations of floral prints…but the prints should probably not be combined with high-waisted, long, pleated skirts that resemble an old couch from the 70’s. So…Creatures of the Wind=FAIL. F-. I’m pretty sure that the only person who wears shit worse than this is Lady Gaga.

Stay away from this line. I promise you can do better than this. Peace, fashionistas!


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