My Dog.

Dear bitches,

For those of you who own a dog, I definitely don’t have to describe the happiness that having a furry little creature in your life can bring. Yes, they shit and pee all over your house and eat your Burberry hairbands. And your yoga pants. And rabbit-fur moccasins. Yes, they bark at you in the middle of the night so you can take them out, and early in the morning when you’re hungover as fuck and have more or less gotten like one hour of sleep.

They lick you in strange ways sometimes and stare at you judgementally when you smoke a cigarette in your apartment because you’re drunk and don’t feel like going outside. They throw up all over your carpet. They chew on your Louboutins and think your fringe boots are toys. But they are sweet, caring little animals who are cuddly and do retarded things to make you laugh. My dog once ran face first into a screen door, and it usually takes him at least three tries to get onto a couch. He eats cat food too. Sometimes he even eats bird food.

Yet despite all of this, my dog is intuitive and knows how to make me feel better when I’m having a bad day. He cuddles with me when I’m hungover and can’t move. Dogs are really good at staying in bed with you all day. He also brings me water and Advil. Just kidding, he’s generally useless otherwise. But the friendship and loyalty that a dog can give to you is so unique and special. I miss my doggy so much!!! So be sure to hug and kiss your dog/s today. Give them Fiji water instead of that shit from the tap and feed them filet mignon. They are your BEST friends. I can’t wait to be re-united with my bestie in two months! Love you Gucci!! xoxoxo



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